A Book About the Linux Command Line

About Field Expedient Linux

Field Expedient Linux

The command line is absolutely necessary to unlock the power of the Linux operating system. Unfortunately, in an age of graphical user interfaces, it can seem somewhat obscure. This book will walk you through the basics of command line operations and then show you a host of powerful solutions built upon them. Throughout the course of the book, you’ll learn about:

  • working with files, directories and permissions

  • I/O redirection

  • Linux text editors

  • users and superusers

  • searching and processing text

  • compressing and archivings files

  • using the path in Linux

  • monitoring system resources and information

and much, much more!

Through it all, you will not merely be reading but working through practical exercises each step of the way. My philosophy is “learning by doing.”

What People Are Saying

There are a lot of books which have great technical content, but are limited in how useful they are in quick use situations. This is not one of those books. It was designed to be very accessible and relevant to what you will be doing with each of the commands. Every security professional should be able to run every command in this book by heart.

John Strand
Owner - Black Hills InfoSec
Senior Instructor for SANS